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Stacia S

I’ve attended on 2 separate occasions that were 2 hour sessions, I’m 66 years old and have the usual complaints of an aging person. The typical aches and pains of a career that consisted of standing on my feet for 35 years, as well as sleeping issues and running to the bathroom all night. The experience was very relaxing and energizing. I now have had relief in every area of concern. I know that I must continue to attend to further my healing. I look at this as a trip to a massage appointment with longer lasting results.

Dec 23, 2022


I am beyond grateful to have been able to visit one of these centers. I am 44 years young with poor vision my entire adult life without even realizing it I'm driving without my glasses. Brain fog is gone and I have so much clarity. I feel like I must of been walking around with goo around my head because the fog is just gone I have so many changes to make in my life now that I can finally think clearly. The whites in my eyes are so bright. I'm not craving junk food. The energy I have is awesome too. I took 4 other members of my family. My sister suffered from severe vertigo and almost couldn't make the 2 hour drive she said the minute she walked in her ears started popping she has not had a vertigo attack or any dizziness since we've been back. My dad has energy like he did 15 years ago, I watched my dad carry his cane today and basically run down the stairs! His sugar has been perfect his runs high normally. My dad gets laser treatments because he is losing his vision I watched my dad take his keys out his pocket find the right key and put it right in the key hole! He hasn't been able to see the keys or keyhole in years. I'm so excited this was only a 2 hour session and we will be returning. Thank you to everyone who made this possible.

Dec 23, 2022


Just wanted to thank you so much for hosting Jason Shurka. I enjoyed it and 2 hours seemed like 30 mins.


The bonus for me was I walked in using a cane to support walking because of a pulled ligament and walked out not having to use the cane and still do not need it.   Miraculous.

I will continue to support you passing the word to my clients and whomever. Thanks so much.  



May 14, 2023

Listen to some of our clients talk about the healing that they've experienced at the Sanare Wellness Center!

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